Rebels in the Wild

Presenting our inaugural "official" Yarn Rebels Chapter!

We Yarn Rebels are a spirited bunch of craft enthusiasts, and we embrace our creative passions with absolute pride. Our mission? To infuse our crafty magic into distinctive local spots, while giving the regulars a chance to connect with us, demystifying the wonderful world of crafting in the process.

The Southwest Edmonton Chapter of the Yarn Rebels is a safe, friendly environment where all fibre and needle crafters of any gender can come share their craft, completed projects, demonstrate new techniques, and make new friends.

Political opinions, religious views, and negativity are not encouraged nor accepted. We aspire to create a kind, welcoming, and encouraging environment for beginners and seasoned crafters. We do ask you keep your younger children at home so you can take a break and do something for you!

We are primarily knitters and crocheters at these events, but spinners, weavers, needle crafters, macrame creators, bead crafters, quilters, and other crafters are all welcome to attend. We are all artisans at heart and as long as your craft can fit in your project bag, you can bring it along! We love to learn and share or crafts!

What You Can Look Forward To:

    Community: Every week,we'll come together allowing friendships and support to blossom.Delectable Food and Refreshing Drinks: We're talking scrumptious bites and thirst-quenching beverages to fuel our creative fires. Extra kudos for the fact that we're showing love to our local, independently owned eateries and watering holes!
    Laughter, Sharing, Fun, Learning, and yes, a bit of colourful language.

    What You Won't Find Here:

    A Peaceful Quiet Night: We're here to have a blast, so expect a lively, energetic atmosphere. No Pressure or Judgment: We're all about celebrating your chosen craft, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. No Pushy Salespeople: You won't be pestered to buy anything; this is all about enjoying a chill evening with friends.
    Please take the time to fill out our short survey so that we can best serve you.