WTF is a Yarn Rebel?

The Yarn Rebels are on a mission to be a pioneer in the industry by creating connections through craft opportunities in a unique and authentic way. 
Our Vision is to create  a safe, joyful, authentic, and welcoming environment for all "rebel" crafters.
A home for the outsiders, the black sheep, and the ones your mama warned you about, come on in and rest assured this is your kind of place! 
The Yarn Rebels offer a unique combination of craft event coordination, consulting services along with fibre and lifestyle brand merchandise.

Our founder Krystal is a hard-working, fun-loving crafter from rural Alberta, Canada, a  happily married mama with one spirited daughter. She has extensive event coordination and knitting experience. She is as authentic as they come with a fearless outlook on life. A social butterfly equipped with some mean organization skills and she is the driving force behind all things rebel.
Like many of you, she needed an outlet to not murder those she loves, so she took up crocheting and knitting. Although she deeply loved this community, she never really felt herself among other makers. She loves craft beer, has a pretty foul mouth and is not for everyone, which she is truly cool with. Still, she had a longing for community so instead of feeling like an outcast, she rounded up some other rebels and started a weekly knit night. She quickly realized they are not the only "yarn rebels" out there. If you resonate with this, then welcome, it’s kind of awesome over here.